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No.1 car service center in Tirupur We do Oil and filter change, New air filter, New fuel filter (diesel engines), New spark plugs (petrol engines), Extensive checks for leaks, wear and damage, including steering system and driveshaft, Removal of wheels and brakes checked, Wheel bearings checked for excessive play (wear), Brake cylinders, pipes and hoses checked for leaks or damage, Suspension checked for wear or damage, Clutch operation checked (manuals), Handbrake operation checked and adjusted if necessary, Brake fluid tested and replaced if necessary, Reset service light, Tyres checked for wear, damage and signs of misalignment, Exhaust system checked for corrosion, damage or leaks In Tirupur - Avinashi - Palladam - Mangalam - Kangayam - Muthur - Kunnathur - PN Road - Near Railway Station - Near Bus Stand - Near New Bus Stand - Near Old Bus Stand - Udumalpet - SAP Theatre - Pushpa Theatre - Parapalayam - Mannarai - Dharapuram Road - Mangalam Road - Kangayam Road - Avinashi Road - Kongu Main Road – Tiruppur.
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